Gentle Yoga Mondays at 6pm

Gentle yoga is for those that prefer a slower pace with less intense positions and more of a focus on stretching, relaxation and rejuvenation.  The class is for all levels and especially good for beginners or those that feel more supported in a calmer and less physically demanding class.  You will work within your own comfort level to find more flexibility, strength and awareness.
Holistic Life Coach and yoga instructor, Marcia Cook, will teach participants gentle yoga postures along with mindful breathing and meditation techniques to enhance the body’s natural ability to renew and restore.
Bring a yoga mat and any props you have to be comfortable during meditation (blanket, bolster for knees, etc.)  Some mats will be available if you do not have one.


Are you ready to take a wellness journey? We provide holistic services that promotes healing, well-being and personal growth. The center is a place for exploring creativity and having fun with a multitude of classes, events and programs.  The healing arts have been around since the beginning of time and use creative practices for wholeness. Moksha is a Sanskrit word meaning freedom, letting go or liberate.

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